Paissan Group | Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi
Partner | ICT & Innovation

Paissan Group | Mauro Paissan

Mauro Paissan
Partner & founder | Development & Communication

Paissan Group | Gabriele Conte

Gabriele Conte
Partner | Management

Paissan Group | Mattia Martinello

Mattia Martinello
Senior Consultant | ICT & Innovation


Alessandro Dimauro
Senior Consultant | ICT & Innovation

Paissan Group | René Querin

René Querin
Partner | Development & Communication

Paissan Group | Antonio Iacovazzo

Antonio Iacovazzo
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication

Paissan Group | Andrea Paissan

Andrea Paissan
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication

Paissan Group | Eva Micheli

Eva Micheli
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication | Internationalisation & management of foreign markets

Over twenty-five years of experience in export, managing director and founder of RubiconEX srl, a company that operates as an outsourced foreign office. Through his company he offers 360° internationalization services (from market analysis to complete customer service), with strong specialization in German-speaking markets, in addition to the USA, France, Turkey, Scandinavia, Australia, Russia, UAE, China and Brazil.


Matteo Stefania
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication | SEO & digital

Paissan Group | Virginie Dumas

Virginie Dumas
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication

Paissan Group | Roberto Lorusso

Roberto Lorusso
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication | Media Specialist

Always in the field of organization and management of major events, over the years I have become increasingly oriented towards the care and design of innovative media solutions that amplify every strength of the Client.
Senior consultant for the implementation, design and development of traditional and digital media for companies, aiming to better interpret a world in constant evolution, with added functions of coordination and monitoring.

Paissan Group | Claudio Vinco

Claudio Vinco
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication | Media Specialist

I have thirty years of experience in the field of ICT Consulting, I started as a systems engineer responsible for the security of the courts in Trentino and Veneto. During my career I have worked on projects as responsible for the design and implementation of media for the Province of Trento and for many companies in the Triveneto (Trentino Alto Adige – Friuli Venezia Giulia – Veneto).
I have always been involved in training as a senior lecturer in small and medium-sized companies in the areas of quality, project management and data analysis.

Paissan Group | Matteo Rensi

Matteo Rensi
Senior Consultant | Development & Communication | Photographer

Paissan Group | Disma Pizzini

Disma Pizzini | dottore commercialista e revisore legale
Senior Consultant | Management

Paissan Group | Silena Celotto

Silena Celotto | dottore commercialista
Senior Consultant | Management